What was so special, what was so inspiring, what was so disturbing about this little place at Rue Nollet? What happened back then in 1986, what was coming together and what was falling apart? When I look back today it remains a mystery. How magically lonely I was! How splendidly alone! And yet, warmly embraced by the friendship and the support of very many: Marie, Lola, Jill, Virginia, Bernard, Didier, just to name a view. Later on that year Pierre guided my through some great inner turbulences. But that was already in the midst of the Southern light that the Provence poured so splendidly over us.

Of all the material that was written at that time and recorded at the kitchen table, using the voice of George Steiner which I had recorded some years earlier, this one has always stayed close to me, ready to wake me up, bringing back to me the clear understanding of how limited and short our visit here truly is. And it can always make me very humble and this humbleness can make me feel at home with myself. Other than that: the search continues.

Needless to say, this version has never been released and never will. It will remain part of what I will always consider my PRIVATE EDITION, however thanks to the never-ending efforts of some close family members, I am now at least willing to share some of these moments, be it for better or worse, this is not for me to decide.